New cultivars

New apple and pear cultivars, created at Fruit Research Station (FRS)



Apple cultivars

Auriu de Cluj

Origin: Cluj X-5-52 [(III-VI-5-26 x N.J.46) x (Parmain d’or – open pollination)] x Mutsu

Description: The trees has a moderate vigour.Early bearing, abundant and constantly fruiting. Fruits are big size, conic-truncated shaped, green-yellow color, white flesh, crispy, tasty, juicy. High organoleptic quality, and commercial looks, early ripen, last decade of July, first decade of August.


Auriu de Cluj cv apple Sestras 1 Auriu de Cluj cv apple Sestras 2 Auriu de Cluj cv apple Sestras 4 Auriu de Cluj cv apple Sestras 5


Origin: N.J.R.55 x Sir Prize

Description: The trees are moderate vigour growth, grafted on low vigour rootstock (eg. M9, M26) bearing precocious. The fruits are big, conic globosely, yellow and carmine covered on the sun side; pulp is white, crispy, juicy.It is a early maturity cultivar, optimum time for eating being the first part of August.


 Apple cv Estival dr Sestras 1 Apple cv Estival dr Sestras 2

Precoce de Ardeal

Origin: Cluj X-5-71 (Feleac x Sir Prize ) x Prima

Description: The vigour of the trees is supra-moderate. Spreading crown, lax. Tolerant to apple scab attack. Fruits are red-carmine, tasty, crispy, sweet-acidulate. Ripen period: end of July, starting of August.


Apple cv Precoce de Ardeal dr Sestras 1 Apple cv Precoce de Ardeal dr Sestras 2 Apple cv Precoce de Ardeal dr Sestras 3

Productiv de Cluj

Origin: Cluj III-VI-5-26 (Parmen d’or – open pollination) x N.J.46.

Description: Trees are moderate vigour, with basiton tendency of growth. Very yielding cultivar. The fruits are ripening in the first decade of September, as Prima cultivar. Fruits are suitable for industry and cooking.

Apple cv Productiv de Cluj dr Sestras 1 Apple cv Productiv de Cluj dr Sestras 2 Apple cv Productiv de Cluj dr Sestras 3 Apple cv Productiv de Cluj dr Sestras 4

Pear cultivars


Haydeea: Beurre Hardy x Beurre Six
Ina Estival: Napoca x Cluj 16-2-9 (President Drouard x Williams)
Virgiliu Hibernal: Passe Crassane x Contesa de Paris
Jubileu 50: Napoca x Beurre Precoce Morettini
Milenium: Cluj 16-4-12 (Josephine de Malines x Doctor Lucius) x Countess of Paris
Roșioară de Cluj: Red Williams x Beurre Giffard


Trees are semi-vigourous fruiting.
Compact crown.
Earlier fruiting.
High productivity and constancy.
Autumn ripening, starting with the second part of September.
Fruits are medium size, piriform shape, nice colour, yellow with red on sun side.
The taste are good, sweet-sour, with fine favour.
Adequate response to Venturia pirina, Mycosphaerella sentina and Psylla sp. attack.
Ina Estival
Pyramidal crown.
Good compatibility with different rootstock (quince, franc).
Moderate vigour.
Fruiting on mixt formation.
Summer cultivar (second of August).
High quality fruits, big size, pyriform elongated, red colour, tasty, sweet-acidulate, without sclereids.
Virgiliu Hibernal
Moderate vigour.
Winter cultivar, good quality of fruits.
The fruits could be preserved in natural conditions until April-May.
Jubileu 5
Moderate growth.
Summer ripen of fruits (starting with August, 10).
Fruits are medium size, pyriform-elongated shape, yellow bright, eventually with a red area on sun exposition
Good taste, fondante, juicy, fine flavour.
High production potential, constantly bearing, compatibility with quince rootstock.
Medium vigour, large crown.
Winter cultivar.
Large size fruits, conic-truncated, asymmetrically, yellow-lemon colour.
Tasty, sweet-sour.
Rosioară de Cluj
Supra-medium vigour.
Precocious fruiting.
Early ripening (the second decade of July); short period for optimum consume.
Fruits with medium size, pyriform shape, red carmine colour, soft pulp.